Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pantry Organization Project #2

This was a simple project, but much needed.  We seem to have amassed a large collection of plastic grocery bags in the pantry.  I do already have some of the fabric hanger thingys (technical term) that you shove them in the top and pull out the bottom, but those were not enough! 

Then I sawTHIS.  

Lightbulb went off and wouldn't you know we finished the large can of coffee that day.  I used a LARGE coffee can...

I was prepared to spray paint it, but once I removed the label it looked lovely all in its shiny silver self.  Using the Silhouette Cameo I printed up some vinyl letters to match the previously done project #1.  

I did spray paint the lid black.  And SHOVED in the bags and poof!  A new bag holder to add to my collection.  

One more small step towards the Pantry/Mudroom redo.

I also need to mention Pinterest because this is where a lot of the inspiration and ideas are coming from.   Just don't tell fabulous husband, or he may ban me from the site.

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